Our marketplace connects you with the leading capital providers who are part of a state-sponsored financing program that will fund 100% of your next qualified construction or remodeling project. The program is called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), state-level legislation available in D.C. and Maryland that intends to accelerate the modernization of America’s building stock.

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PACE provides long-term financing for construction and renovations that save you money on utility bills with no money down. PACE is repaid as a semi-annual voluntary tax. PACE is the first voluntary property tax assessment in the United States, used to repay private lenders for funds that improve the environmental footprint of property. By using voluntary property taxes to repay funds, small businesses can get access to the same financing terms that the largest corporations benefit from, ensuring that projects produce positive cash flow in year 1. This frees you up to spend your capital on other investment opportunities, such as opening that next location or hiring more staff.




Supported by political leaders from Texas to Massachusetts and over 30 other states on both sides of the aisle, PACE has been used to create over 50,000 jobs, save 32 million metric tons of carbon (the equivalent of 8 coal fired power plants), and help over 200,000 thousand Americans fund more than $5 billion in construction and renovation projects.




Project Cost: $230,000
Income after cost: $11,100

Right Proper Brewery produces craft beer for some of the top restaurants and bars in the region. Located in an old warehouse, the brewery wanted to install a new rooftop, a 56 kW rooftop solar PV system, and a 7 kW solar parking canopy.

Hardware Store

Project Cost: $396,000
Income after cost: $22,000

Annie’s ACE Hardware, a local fixture in Washington, D.C’s Brookland neighborhood, used PACE to finance interior and exterior LED lighting, envelope improvements, a VRF system, and low-flow bathroom fixtures.


Project Cost: $530,000
Lifetime savings: $121,900

Brittany Apartments is owned by a third-generation, family-owned real estate company. The apartment complex needed new hot water boilers, hot water heaters, storage tanks and distribution pumps.

New Construction

Project Cost: $25,000,000
Lifetime savings: over $25MM

The new DC United stadium wanted to implement money-saving green measures, which included an 884 kW solar system, high efficiency HVAC systems, LED field lighting, insulation, site stormwater conservation, a green roof, and low flow fixtures.

Affordable Housing

Project Cost: $700,000
Income after Cost: $7,000

The Phyllis Wheatley YWCA provides 84 rental unites to low-income women and was in urgent need of upgrades, including new appliances, new water fixtures, heating systems, lighting system, HVAC system, and solar.


Project Cost: $2,200,000
Lifetime savings: $2,500,000

The Headquarters of the FSFSC worked with the DC PACE program to finance HVAC, windows, lighting, and new kitchen equipment as part of a gut rehab, allowing it to attract new tenants.



How to get approved for commercial PACE financing

Commercial PACE funds are lent to borrowers to finance construction projects that improve the operational quality of a property; they are funded by private investors and banks; they give borrowers the option to take long repayment terms, up to 25 years; and they come with unique tax advantages that often make them the cheapest capital option available. However, Commercial PACE is only available through government-sponsored programs. The rules of each program vary by state. Therefore, the application process can be very different from a traditional loan from a bank. PART 1 OF 3: FINDING A...

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How financing could solve climate change

An innovation is quietly taking hold and it is on track to make today’s environmental design best practices the status quo before the end of the decade. Already, many of the nation’s largest property owners are using it to retrofit entire portfolios, while major developers are including it in all new construction. Universities are promoting it; think tanks are validating it; and business magazines singing its praises. Available in over 37f states, it can be used to replace old appliances just as easily as it can be used to install rooftop solar. It’s called Property Assessed Clean Energy, or...

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Futuristic Green Building Technologies You Won’t Believe

Picture an office that cleans up after itself, improves indoor air quality with nanotech-formulated paint, and responds to sunlight by magically adjusting window tint, all while fighting climate change. Then imagine entering your workspace to find your desk light on and the temperature just as you like it. Though it may sound like a scene from a fictional sci-fi movie, these innovations are already at work in some modern buildings, in the form of a networked ecosystem of “intelligent” building equipment and devices. Beyond the “Wow!” factor and the large-scale benefits to our planet, green...

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